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NFL free agency rumors: Titans want Delanie Walker, Dashon Goldson visiting Bucs

We provide an open thread for the free agency insanity.We provide an open thread for the free agency insanity.


NFL free agency is officially underway and we've got a whole host of rumors out there. Adam Schefter got the ball rolling on ESPN with a pair of 49ers reports. According to Schefter, the Tennessee Titans will put the full-court press on tight end Delanie Walker. Schefter went so far as to say the Titans are close to an agreement in principle. Additionally, Schefter reported Dashon Goldson's first visit in free agency would be with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

In regards to Walker, the tight end market is getting busy quickly. Martellus Bennett tweeted he would be joining the Bears next season, while Mike Garafolo tweeted that Anthony Fasano is expected to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs.

They were not necessarily on the 49ers radar, but these are all dominos in the tight end market. If Walker walks, the 49ers will need to figure out their next step at tight end. They might decide to go draft, but either way, this offense needs tight ends.

We've got a bit of news on some other 49ers free agents and targets

In non-49ers news, it looks like Mike Wallace is expected to take a physical with the Dolphins. Additionally, the Buffalo Bills have announced they are releasing quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

We'll have more posts, but for now, consider this an open thread for general free agency discussion. There will be all sorts of news and rumors flying so feel free to drop it in the comments.