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NFL free agency rumors: NFC West edition

We take a look at some of the early rumors surrounding the NFC West, as we move through the first day of free agency.


NFL free agency is off to a frenzied start, but things are relatively quiet for the NFC West. The 49ers will bring in LB Lorenzo Alexander and DL Glenn Dorsey for visits, but for the most part they have spent the day watching their free agents depart, or get close to departing. Their truly big news was completed in the days and weeks leading up to today with their trade

For the rest of the NFC West, it's not much louder. The Seahawks are in much the same position as the 49ers, having officially announced their big trade for Percy Harvin. They do not have a lot of free agents to deal with, and really are at a point where they will need to start extending their own young talent. Matt Flynn remains on the market, but there is nothing noticeable happening on that front. Check Field Gulls for more on the Seahawks.

The St. Louis Rams are looking a little bit busier. They are bringing in Jake Long for a visit, as they look to shore up their offensive line. They are also reportedly in the hunt to sign Titans TE Jared Cook. He could provide some solid help in the passing game for Sam Bradford. They are also reportedly targeting safety Louis Delmas as they look to build on a defense that has its share of holes.

For the Rams, their two most notable free agents are running back Steven Jackson and wide receiver Danny Amendola, and both seem likely to walk. Jackson has been connected with the Packers and Falcons, both of whom the 49ers will host in 2013. Adding Jackson to that Packers offense would be pretty impressive. Check Turf Show Times for more on the Rams.

The Arizona Cardinals bring up the rear of this train. They have re-signed Rashad Johnson, who will take over as starting strong safety with the departure of Adrian Wilson. They also released running back Beanie Wells, who never really fulfilled his first round potential. Check Revenge of the Birds for more on the Cardinals.

Fooch's Update: The Cardinals reportedly might be close to landing Lorenzo Alexander and Josh Cribbs.

The NFC West appears set to play a bit of the long con and draw things out. We'll see all four teams make some moves, but none is forcing the issue. I do enjoy seeing some semblance of discipline from the entire division. The NFC West was on its way to becoming the best division in football this past year. A solid offseason in the coming days and weeks will only help that cause.