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NFL free agency news: Charles Woodson, Isaac Sopoaga lead second wave of news

We take a look at the latest news about the 49ers. Charles Woodson may be visiting, while Isaac Sopoaga appears to be departing.


We had a bit of a lull in free agency news, but it is picking back up here at the end of the afternoon for the 49ers. The first bit of news concerns free agent safety Charles Woodson.

The 49ers are set to let Dashon Goldson leave in free agency, which means they need options at free safety. They have safeties on the roster, but it remains to be seen if they are anything more than depth options. If the team decided to look for a long-term answer in the draft, Woodson could provide them with a bridge to the future. The team was also connected with Ed Reed, but that might end up just being a smokescreen.

If these numbers are true, well....damn! The Eagles are going with a 3-4 defense and would seem set to insert Isaac Sopoaga in at the nose tackle position. He is coming off a season in which he had a $3.8 million base salary. Ice will be 32 this season, so he still has some years in front of him, but that still seems like a pretty high figure for his work. Congrats to him, but wow. Much like Delanie Walker, it is no surprise the 49ers let him walk. They were not going to go that high with him.

It will be interesting to see if Ricky Jean Francois follows Sopoaga over to Philadelphia. And it will be all the more interesting to see what kind of money he gets, particularly if he ends up on the same line as Sopoaga.