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Nnamdi Asomugha rumors: PFT could mean the return of #NnamdiWatch

Pro Football Talk is reporting the 49ers might be interested in Nnamdi Asomugha. We take a look at that news, and whether Nnamdi Watch is back.


Fooch's Note: Maiocco reporting there is MUTUAL interest between the 49ers and Nnamdi. Let Nnamdi Watch 2013 begin!

For the San Francisco 49ers, day one of free agency under Trent Baalke has generally been rather quiet. However, as the period moves along, the 49ers begin to pounce. And now, they might be climbing into another market:

Dare we say, the return of Nnamdi Watch?!?! In case you weren't around for Nnamdi Watch in 2011, or have blocked it from your mind, I turned all those posts into a story stream, so you can go back and review the insanity. It was a fun time, but ultimately fruitless, as Nnamdi decided to go to Philadelphia.

It remains to be seen just how interested the 49ers were at the time. That's really neither here nor there. The question now is whether they are actually interested in Nnamdi, or if this is just another way to drum up some interest for Asomugha. A league source is different from "a source close to the situation". I assume this means it is not the agent or someone connected to the agent, but who really knows at this point.

If the 49ers actually are interested in Nnamdi, and actually were/are interested in Sean Smith, it will be interesting to see what it could mean in the draft if they do not land one of these veterans. How much longer does Carlos Rogers have if the team is kicking the tires on other veteran cornerbacks?

If the 49ers want to release Rogers, their best option is as a June 1 designation. That gives them time to decide, while also seeing how this cornerback market develops this week and beyond.

For now, we wait. The mood is not yet tense.