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49ers free agency news: Glenn Dorsey introduced to the media

Newly signed 49ers defensive lineman Glenn Dorsey met with the media on Wednesday evening. We take a look at a few of his notable comments.

Glenn Dorsey signing his 49ers contract
Glenn Dorsey signing his 49ers contract
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The 49ers reeled in their first free agent on Wednesday, signing Glenn Dorsey to a two year contract (dollars yet to be disclosed). Dorsey conducted a conference call with Bay Area media late Wednesday afternoon and had a chance to talk about his decision, and what his trip to San Francisco has been like.

Before the conference call got started, 49ers digital media coordinator Taylor Price tweeted this out:

I had a chance to listen in on the conference call, and you could hear the excitement in Dorsey's voice. He was picked up at the airport by DL coach Jim Tomsula, and he talked about how Tomsula was talking 100 miles per hour on the drive to the facility. I would pay money to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.

Dorsey had a chance to meet with Jim Harbaugh and Justin Smith, among others. The 49ers do not begin OTAs until after the Draft, but it's great to hear players are at the facility getting work in as they can. Dorsey talked about how the environment in his one day in Santa Clara was different than what he was used to. He discussed how it was much more of a family environment and a positive atmosphere.

Dorsey was asked about his potential role with the defense, and he indicated that he would not confine himself to one particular position. He felt he could play all along the line, and was prepared for wherever the 49ers had in mind for him. It's not surprising that both Jim Harbaugh and Justin Smith told him to be ready to work.

You can listen to the entire conference call HERE.