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San Francisco 49ers free agency recap, day two: News, rumors and so much more

We take a look back at day two of free agency for the San Francisco 49ers. The team signed Glenn Dorsey and saw Dashon Goldson leave.

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Day two of NFL free agency is just about wrapped up, and the 49ers were quite a bit more active on Wednesday than they were on Tuesday. It seems Tuesday was about setting up meetings, while Wednesday was about getting people to town and taking care of some business.

The 49ers lost another free agent, but also made their first signing as they continue prepping their roster for 2012. There will be others to depart, but the team is also likely to add to the roster before we hit the weekend. For now, here is a rundown of all the 49ers free agency news from Wednesday. It was not a wild day, but things were relatively busy. In case you missed it last night, you can check out our Day 1 recap HERE.

Glenn Dorsey signs a two-year contract

The 49ers added the defensive lineman on a two-year deal worth $7 million if he hits his incentives. Dorsey met with the media on Wednesday afternoon and seemed fired up to be in San Francisco. He did not state what the team had in mind for his role, but he was upbeat about playing anywhere along the line.

Dorsey came into the league as a 4-3 guy, but Kansas City eventually switched him to 3-4 defensive end. He struggled, fans complained, and it was all a mess. Tre took a look at some scouting reports on Dorsey. Mike Sando had an interesting look at what this could mean for the 49ers defense. Dorsey provides some versatility in the 3-4, but could we potentially see Vic Fangio and company roll out some 4-3 looks? Intrigue abounds at 4949 Centennial Boulevard.

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Ricky Jean Francois is headed to Indianapolis for a visit

The 49ers free agent defensive lineman went to Philadelphia on Wednesday to meet with the Eagles. Apparently the two sides are apart on money and could not get a deal done.

There are reports the 49ers would want him back at the right price, but with the addition of Glenn Dorsey, I wonder if that price has gone down, if not removed itself entirely from the table. With Isaac Sopoaga also gone, the 49ers will be looking at some turnover on their defensive line.

Dashon Goldson signs with the Bucs

This move came shortly after a report from Mindi Bach that the 49ers did not make a contract offer to Goldson, and did not even offer parameters for a contract. This relationship seemed destined for a break-up at some point. Thankfully it was relatively low key, and much different than the Wes Welker-New England Patriots breakup. Now THAT is getting messy.

It is tough to lose Goldson because he did make a lot of contributions. That being said, the 49ers seem content to find a cheaper option as they move forward. Goldson was a strong option at safety, but in the salary cap world, you can't pay everybody what they want. He was able to score $8M+ from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. More power to him, but with that number it was clear the 49ers were not in the market.

All sorts of safeties visiting

The 49ers welcomed Charles Woodson to town on Wednesday, but there was no word of a deal with the former Packers safety. However, they are lining up a whole slew of safeties for consideration. LaRon Landry was expected to visit, but now reports indicate he is close to signing with the Indianapolis Colts. However, the 49ers may have Ed Reed in for a visit if he does not agree to terms with the Houston Texans.

The latest news from Adam Schefter has Louis Delmas coming to San Francisco for a visit. He was in St. Louis talking to the Rams, but now is off to San Francisco to chat about the 49ers safety position. Although Delmas is talented, the biggest concern with him is injury issues. He missed eight games last year, and five the season before. The 49ers have done a good job with health, so we'll see if they want to make a run at a guy who struggled to stay healthy the last two years.

Nnamdi Watch is back

Nnamdi Asomugha was released by the Philadelphia Eagles this week, and now apparently the 49ers might be in the mix. This would mark a return to the insanity that was Nnamdi Watch back in 2011. The 49ers continue to be connected with cornerbacks. It's possible it's all just meaningless smoke, but if any of this is true, that raises some interesting questions about the 49ers current crop of cornerbacks. If the team decides to bring in Nnamdi, or anybody else for that matter, who potentially gets the axe? Carlos Rogers seems like the logical choice, but we could be missing something entirely.

Seahawks keeping busy, sign Cliff Avril

While this is not a 49ers move, this is the signing in the division. Avril is coming in to cover for Chris Clemons, and develop further depth once Clemons is healthy. The Seahawks got Avril for $15 million over two years, which could prove to be a steal for Seattle. Obviously $7.5 million is a lot, but this is a guy who could provide serious heat for them on the line.

The 49ers and Seahawks have entered into a bit of an arms race as they match signing for signing. I don't think either team is making moves because the other team made moves, but it's kind of amusing to watch the exchange of action between the rivals. The 49ers and Seahawks are building toward what could be the best rivalry in the NFL. They are both strong, playoff-caliber teams. Would anybody be surprised to see them face off in the playoffs next year?