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NFL free agents: Dan Skuta visiting 49ers, according to reports

Multiple reports indicate Bengals linebacker Dan Skuta is visiting with the 49ers on Thursday. We take a look at the special teams standout

Joe Robbins

The San Francisco 49ers are most prominently mentioned in connection with safeties and cornerbacks these days, but the team is looking at other positions as well. The latest news sa tweeted by all the big names is that Bengals free agent linebacker Dan Skuta is in town to visit the 49ers.

There were some hints to this earlier in the today, courtesy of Skuta (via Cincy Jungle):

Now we have confirmation form Adam Caplan, Adam Schefter and others that Skuta is visiting with the 49ers.

I spoke with Josh Kirkendall of Cincy Jungle, and he had a few comments about Skuta:

Primarily a special teams guy. Strong against the run, but struggles in coverage and not a very good pass rusher on defense. Very versatile; played all LB positions, as well as a blocking back on offense. Otherwise a solid guy overall and nice piece to have on the depth chart.

Skuta can play some linebacker, but this is a special teams move. Whether it bodes well for the future of Larry Grant or Tavares Gooden remains to be seen. The 49ers special teams unit had some solid moments, but also struggled at times in 2012. It would not be surprising to see the 49ers look for some new options for their coverage units.