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NFL free agents: 49ers continue pursuit of Nnamdi Asomugh as cornerback market starts to settle

We take a look at the updated cornerback market, which is starting to dry up as the 49ers pursue Nnamdi Asomugha.


The cornerback market came into NFL free agency in a fairly saturated state, and that market is slowly starting to dry up. As the San Francisco 49ers continue their pursuit of Nnamdi Asomugha, things might slowly be bending in their favor. As cornerbacks are signed, it removes potential destinations for Nnamdi, thus potentially also lowering his asking price.

Sean Smith signed with the Kansas City Chiefs, netting a three year deal for $18 million. The 49ers had been connected with Smith, but I will forever remain convinced this was as much his agent driving things as anything else. I suppose I could be wrong, but even at $6 million (he reportedly wanted $7M+), I just didn't see the 49ers getting in on that action. If they did, it was simply window-shopping.

The New Orleans Saints have been considered in the Nnamdi market, but they too might be out. Reports indicate they are close to a deal with Keenan Lewis. If they land Lewis, that would seem to remove them from the Nnamdi "sweepstakes". Pro Football Talk is reporting the Cardinals, Texans and Broncos all might also be interested in Nnamdi.

49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh actually confirmed Nnamdi's visit during a passing chat with Matt Barrows.

Offseason Harbaugh seems much more inclined to chat than in-season Harbaugh. This isn't shocking, but still interesting to consider. If you see him between now and August, get your questions in!