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2013 Free Agency News: 49ers' Opponents Edition

I look at the moves 49ers' 2013 opponents have made this offseason.


In this post, I will track, in brief, the moves next season's opponents are making so that we have an understanding of how things are beginning to look for next year. These are brief updates, since in the coming weeks, I will be providing much more substantive analysis team-by-team.

Opponents are listed in alphabetical order.

Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals have made little splashes throughout FA. The RB Rashard Mendenhall signing is a one year low risk deal. ST ace Lorenzo Alexander is a steal. QB Drew Stanton comes over from Indy for 3 years, $8.2 Million. S Yerehiah Bell, while cheap, is a step down for the Cardinals.

Atlanta Falcons

Besides resigning OT Same Baker, the Falcons have largely stayed pat. They have brought in RB Steven Jackson, though at the time of writing, the terms are unknown.

Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have signed CB Drayton Florence on a 1 year deal.

Green Bay Packers

They were tied to Jackson earlier, but that never worked out. I think they are still watching tape of Colin running rampant and have forgotten that FA has started.

Houston Texans

So far, they have done nothing official. S Ed Reed is being wooed hard core by Houston, but time will tell what happens there.

Indianapolis Colts

Big spenders over here! Most pertinent to the 49ers is that the Colts signed Ricky Jean-Francois to a four year, $22.5 million deal. He's a good player, but nowhere worth that type of money. In addition, the Colts locked up LaRon Landry to a four year, $24 million ($14 guaranteed). He had a great season, but I still think that's a huge risk for a guy with potential health issues. Secondary health issues seems to be a thing for the Colts. They signed CB Greg Toler for three years, $15 million. Another big contract went to RT Gosder Cherilus for five years at $34 million ($10 million bonus). This is alongside G Donald Thomas. By far the most confusing signing, though, is to OLB Erik Walden. He's not a good player and definitely doesn't deserve the four year, $16 million he got.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags brought in LB Geno Hayes.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints have signed LS Justin Drescher on a four year deal. They have also been tied to multiple DBs.

Seattle Seahawks

I feel like the Seahawks have been discussed to death on this site the last few days, so I will just report what we all know: they have signed DE Cliff Avril for two years, $15 million (personally I'm not too worried about him) and traded for WR Percy Harvin (that's the pain in the buttocks from this offseason, though he will be paid way more than he deserves). In addition, the Seahawks have also reached an agreement with DL Michael Bennett, according to a text message I just received from ESPN. ESPN and I are tight like that. We cool. I just wish he would stop hanging out with Skip Bayless so much...

St. Louis Rams

Signed TE Jared Cook for five years at $35 million. This may be too expensive, but I like the signing. Sam Bradford needs players like this if he is going to take the next step forward. Essentially replaces Danny Amendola.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Signed S Dashon Goldson for five years, $41.5 million. lol overpay.

Tennessee Titans

On the Delanie Walker front, the Titans were able to wrap up that deal for four years at $17.5 million. Good for him. The Titans also (stupidly) signed G Andy Levitre to a five year, $39 million contract. This likely makes Mike Iupati too expensive to re-sign or extend. The Titans also signed RB Shonn Green to a three year, $10 million deal and DL Sammie Lee Hill to a three year, $11.4 million deal.

Washington Redskins

Signed OT Jeremy Trueblood.