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Keenan Allen Pro Day: Knee injury prevents Cal receiver from working out

We take a look at the news that Cal WR Keenan Allen was unable to participate at the Cal Pro Day. How will this impact his draft stock, and what could it mean for the 49ers.

Ezra Shaw

NFL free agency is keeping us preoccupied, but the path to the 2013 NFL Draft continues to churn along. As mentioned earlier today, there were a host of Pro Days today. West Virginia got a lot of the publicity with Geno Smith and Tavon Austin both reportedly putting on a show. However, one notable Pro Day took place in the Bay Area.

Cal hosted NFL scouts and we have some pretty big news out of Berkeley. Reports indicate wide receiver Keenan Allen was unable to perform at the workout. Allen has been dealing with a knee injury since the last few weeks of the 2012 season, and it has not quite gotten right. Allen strained some ligaments in the knee, and then had a setback before the 2013 NFL Combine.

After not working out at the Combine, Allen was hoping to show his skills at the Pro Day. He was not expected to run a 40, but he was expected to run routes. He apparently did some hand-eye coordination drills, but other than that was on the sideline as a spectator. Allen is hoping to show things off in April when he holds an individual pro day, but until he proves the knee is better, his draft stock is taking a hit.

If his draft stock suffers to the point that he slides down to the 49ers pick at the end of the first round, what then? Allen is immensely talented, but of course the 49ers have a fairly full stable of receivers. I suppose they could still end up cutting Mario Manningham, or maybe they just figure bring Allen to camp and let the best men win. This could also put the 49ers in position to trade down given some teams might be a bit more desperate for wide receiver help.

Will Allen slide down to the bottom of the first round? If Allen does slide to the 49ers, what do they do?