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49ers salary cap: Glenn Dorsey contract numbers materializing

We take a look at the latest salary cap numbers impacting the 49ers in 2013.


The 49ers announced the signing of defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey two days ago, but it has taken a bit longer to get a handle on the salary cap implications of his contract. We finally have some potential details:

Prior to this announcement, Jason Hurley had the 49ers sitting with a little over $9 million in cap space. This move would lower that available space to just over $7 million. This does not include Dan Skuta's two year contract, but it does include Mario Manningham's new contract featuring a $1.8 million base salary.

In case you are unaware, Jason keeps our salary cap pages updated. Here is our 2013 salary cap spreadsheet. The information originates at Niner Cap Hell. You can bookmark it, or on the front of Niners Nation, scroll over "Library" and you'll see a new drop-down menu. For cap information on other teams around the NFL, check Over The Cap.