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Anquan Boldin trade: Does the ring diminish his hunger for next year?

Taking a look at what potential impact a Super Bowl ring might have on Boldin's tenure in San Francisco.

Maxwell Kruger-USA TODAY Sports

Amid all the analysis of the Anquan Boldin trade, one point that has yet to surface is Boldin's motivation and drive going into 2013.

There's been much talk surrounding the fact that he's older and entering his eleventh year. But everyone is seemingly discounting the fact that he won a Super Bowl last year, something that had previously evaded him his entire career. In the week since he was traded, Boldin has talked about how his goal was to win a championship and they did that in Baltimore.

Between finally getting a ring and being unceremoniously shipped out of what he though to be his final destination in the NFL, will Boldin be less hungry or lacking focus next season?

Based on his track record, I'd like to think that Boldin is the consummate professional and has too much pride in both himself and his reputation to take this season lightly. But the potential, however big or small, is still there.

What's your take?