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NFL rule changes: Tuck Rule could be on the way out

We take a look at some proposed rule changes that will be voted on at the next owners' meetings.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

While NFL free agency continues rolling along, we have a bit of news from earlier this week related to NFL rules. The NFL Competition Committee held a conference call this past week to discuss some rule changes that will be submitted for a vote at the annual league meetings later this spring.

The most prominent rule up for vote is the Tuck Rule. Under the proposed change, the new tuck rule would result in a fumble on any play where the the quarterback loses the ball while in the process of moving it back to his body after a pump fake.

The most frequently cited example of the Tuck Rule is the Raiders-Patriots playoff game back in 2002. And in case you're wondering, the Oakland Raiders have not quite gotten over it.

The league is considering five other rule changes. One would change the "Jim Schwartz rule". The current rule states that if a coach challenges a play illegally (such as throwing a challenge flag on a play that is automatically reviewable), the play is no longer reviewable. The rule change would dock the team a timeout, but the play could still be reviewed.

Another replay change would allow an incomplete pass to be reviewed to determine if it was incomplete or complete with a fumble and recovery.

One of the more interesting rules that will generate some debate would make it illegal for players to strike other players with their helmet outside of the tackle box. This is designed for running backs who use the crown of their helmet against defenders.