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49ers sign safety Craig Dahl

The 49ers announced the signing of safety Craig Dahl. We take a look at a scouting report of safety Craig Dahl, courtesy of a Rams blogger.

Craig Dahl signs his three-year contract
Craig Dahl signs his three-year contract
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The 49ers have announced the signing of safety Craig Dahl to a three year contract. The 49ers brought him for a visit yesterday and made quick work in getting him signed.

I figured it would be a good idea to get some first-hand insight on him. I spoke with Ryan Van Bibber from Turf Show Times and he put together a brief scouting report about Dahl. Needless to say, it is not the most inspiring of topics:

Craig Dahl is almost universally reviled by Rams fans. He struggles in coverage, misses the tackles he should make and generally looks lost on the field.

Adrian Peterson exposed Dahl in a late season loss, burning him for big plays in one of his biggest games of his historic season.

The truth is that Dahl is somewhere in between. He was never meant to be a starter, just a role player, but the Rams lack of depth pressed him into the starting job. Dahl works hard, for whatever that's worth, and can contribute some as an in-the-box safety, in a role more like an extra linebacker.

So what do we make of this move? Is this something where the 49ers will be able to coach him up? Or are we looking at this as a depth move and the team will continue pursuing safety options in the draft?