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NFL free agents: Nnamdi Asomugha to visit New Orleans Saints

Nnamdi Watch has slowed down in recent days. The former Eagles cornerback will head to the Big Easy to visit with the Saints as it remains to be seen whether the 49ers are still pursuing him.


After what seemed like a couple days with the 49ers, it looks like Nnamdi Asomugha's job search will continue. According to Matt Maiocco, Nnamdi is headed to New Orleans on Sunday to visit with the Saints.

We have not heard much in the way of updates surrounding Nnamdi, other than he was in town for a visit. It's tough to figure out what exactly the 49ers have in mind for their cornerback positions. They currently roll out Carlos Rogers, Tarell Brown and Chris Culliver between their base and nickel defenses.

There has been chatter ranging from releasing Carlos Rogers to moving Chris Culliver to safety. It remains to be seen what exactly the team is thinking with regard to that group, which makes this whole process that much more difficult to figure out. Was their assessment of Nnamdi something like the "evaluation" of Peyton Manning last year? Are they prepared to move forward with the current group at this point?

I suspect they'll draft cornerback options in April, but even with that, who knows how far they might wait. I would actually be fine going into 2013 with the current group of cornerbacks, particularly with Perrish Cox coming into his second year with the defense. That being said, Carlos Rogers only has so much more time before his contract becomes rather untenable. Have the 49ers reached the time now where they need to figure out future options ASAP?