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NFL Draft 2013: March 18th Scheduled Pro Days

We take a look at the notable prospects who have pro days today.

Rice Tight End Vance McDonald
Rice Tight End Vance McDonald

Another week of pro days begin, and we will have notable prospects for you every day.

March 18th Pro Days: Air Force, Albany State (Ga.), Houston, Howard, Idaho State, Indiana, Memphis, Montana State, Rice, Valdosta State, Villanova, Virginia Union, Wake Forest

Notable Prospects:

D.J. Hayden, CB Houston: Hayden is a very interesting story. In November he suffered a torn inferior vena cava (torn vein) during practice, when he collided with a teammate, leading to a knee hitting Hayden's chest. This injury is fatal 95% of the time and he somehow survived it. He didn't participate at the combine, but Hayden is full systems go for his pro day. Hayden had 4 interceptions this season before the injury, returning two for touchdowns. ESPN draft analyst Kevin Weidl believes Hayden could be one of the best kept secrets in the draft.

Keith Pough, OLB Howard: Pough had an impressive career at Howard, putting up some big numbers. In his tenure at Howard, Pough had 83 tackles for a loss, and 344 total tackles. He ran a 4.9 forty at the combine, and will be looking to improve on that time.

Vance McDonald, TE Rice: McDonald is a tight end who has the speed to create mismatches and be used in the slot. At 6'4", McDonald ran a 4.69 forty at the combine. I'm sure he was satisfied with that time but will still be looking to improve on it. The knock on McDonald has been his blocking skills. They do need some work, but a team will gamble on those abilities in the second round. McDonald could become a big time threat at tight end if he can become a better blocker. He had a good week of Senior Bowl practices in which he showed good route running and reliable hands.