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San Francisco 49ers Free Agency Live Blog - Rumors, Signings, and More (Week 2)

NFL free agency enters its second week, which means things are slowing down a bit. We'll keep an eye on events around the NFL as free agency chugs along.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Last week rolled out live blogs for each of the first four days of NFL free agency. Although the 49ers were relatively quiet during that stretch, there was enough action elsewhere to justify a daily live blog. As we head into the second week of free agency, I thought I'd open up another live blog. We might use this one more than just one day, but it will depend on how active the comments are, and how busy the news is.

The 49ers still have areas to address, but for now we can note that the NFC West has been active. The big news this weekend saw the St. Louis Rams come to terms with offensive tackle Jake Long. The Rams and Long agreed to a four-year deal, and Long will get plugged into the left tackle spot moving forward. The Rams offensive line has struggled to gain some measure of consistency, so this will be a big addition for them.

The Arizona Cardinals continue their pursuit of Joshua Cribbs. He is apparently in town for a physical, so it would seem like he is finally going to put pen to paper. Cribbs was connected to the 49ers at one point, but eventually was deciding between the Cardinals and Patriots. We'll see if he finalizes this.

Other than that, we have the continued speculation of Darrelle Revis and Victor Cruz. It seems likely Revis will get traded at some point, but we really have no idea when. As for Cruz, there has been speculation he might get an offer sheet, but nothing concrete has developed.

The owners are meeting in Phoenix this week, and a lot of coaches and personnel people are in attendance. I imagine agents will likely be getting down there as well, so maybe we'll see some dealing this week.