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49ers salary cap: Craig Dahl's contract information

We break down Craig Dahl's basic contract information, based on a few resources.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The San Francisco 49ers signed safety Craig Dahl over the weekend, securing him to a three-year deal. We're still sorting through some of the details, but we have a better idea of how his contract lines up.

I did some searching around and here is a basic idea of how his contract breaks down. Niner Cap Hell points to $300,000 in roster bonuses. There are likely some other incentives in here we are not seeing as the numbers don't quite match up. For now though, I'd imagine you get the general idea.

Dahl made an appearance on 95.7 The Game earlier today. You can listen to his ten minute conversation when you get a minute. He discussed how the Rams kind of regretted knocking Alex Smith out of the game after seeing what Colin Kaepernick can do. He also spoke about some of the rule changes, particularly with the new helmet rules involving offensive players.

Signing Bonus: $700,000

Cap Figure: $1.78 million (per Maiocco)
Base salary: 900,000
Pro-rated bonus: 233,333

Cap Figure: Unavailable
Base salary: 1,350,000
Pro-rated bonus: 233,333

Cap Figure: Unavailable
Base salary: 1,400,000
Pro-rated bonus: 233,333