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Phil Dawson vs. Andy Lee: The No. 4 battle might already be resolved

The 49ers introduced their new kicker, Phil Dawson, to the media on Tuesday. He spoke about his preparations and jersey number.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Newly signed 49ers kicker Phil Dawson just wrapped up a conference call with Bay Area media, and it is safe to say he will be a favorite of the media, and likely fans as well. He sounded extremely excited about this opportunity, and was ready to get to work.

One of the first questions he asked of Brad Seely was whether or not Candlestick Park was accessible in the offseason. Seely said it was, and Dawson told the media he would be checking the weather forecast daily. When weather was bad, you could expect him down there practicing. On his visit to San Francisco this week, he brought his wife with him and she already began the process of figuring out a new home.

The highlight of the call had to be when Dawson was asked about the No. 4 jersey. Dawson wore that in Cleveland, but a certain all-world punter wears that jersey in San Francisco. There have been some Twitter jokes about what he might pay for No. 4, but Dawson seems ready to move past the number. He told his kids he might not be No. 4 for the first time, and they were apparently rather silent. When he asked them what jersey he should consider, one of his sons said, "Be No. 8!" Dawson quickly told his son, "Son, in San Francisco you don't wear No. 8." It's a little random, but pretty awesome.

It's safe to say Dawson could quickly become a fan favorite. He already was one for Browns fans.