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Forbes discusses the new breed of owners

We take a look at some Forbes video discussing the new breed of owners, with a look at the 49ers among others.

The folks at Forbes love to take a look at the world of sports business, and recently they took a look at some of the new style of ownership in professional sports. The video above discusses some of the ways owners have changed in recent years. They look at the 49ers and Warriors in particular, both of whom have seen some high profile ownership news.

What I found most interesting about this video was the discussion about the value of the stadium for NFL owners. The NFL makes most of its money from the various television deals they have in place. However, new stadiums can provide a fairly significant source of income for teams. Although some of that money will end up in the owner's pocket, the more revenue a team can generate, the more a team can invest in every aspect of the organization. Scouts, analytics folks and everything else don't pay for themselves. The more revenue the 49ers can generate independent of the NFL's TV deal, the better for the team's long-term success.

And that means getting the new stadium built. The 49ers appear to be making great progress, and all indications are it will open in time for the 2014 season. The NFL will be announcing the host of Super Bowl 50 later this spring, and it is down to Santa Clara/San Francisco and Miami/South Beach. If the 49ers progress continues at its current pace, I really don't see how the 49ers are not hosting Super Bowl L.