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Golden Nuggets: Phil Dawson signed, the wait is over

Wednesday, March 20, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

New 49er, Phil Dawson receiving a call from the fashion police.
New 49er, Phil Dawson receiving a call from the fashion police.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It's been a long time since it became obvious that David Akers' time as a 49er was nearing it's end. He was cut a month ago, and speculation about who our kicker would be mounted. Would we draft one of the college kickers, a tactic that's worked out recently for a number of teams, or would we sign a veteran. Our FO doesn't appear to like playing rookies. So, today the 49ers signed former Cleveland Browns place kicker Phil Dawson. The terms have not been announced. Since the beginning of free agency, Dawson was considered a likely target for the 49ers. Special teams coach Brad Seely, before coming to the 49ers, served in the same capacity in Cleveland, working with Dawson. With Dawson as the most likely veteran to be signed, the question became whether the 49ers would go the veteran or rookie route. We now have our answer.

Phil Dawson Signing

BASG gives his take on the Dawson signing and has an incredible GIF included. BASG had suspected from the start that Dawson would be the target. Give him some love. | 49ers sign Phil Dawson, continue tradition of employing veteran kickers (BASG)

Anyone thinking Dawson might be a bit old would be right. But thinking a kicker can't kick when they're old is the folly here. Sando gives us some numbers to prove that point. | Inside the numbers on 49ers' Phil Dawson (Sando)

Report: 49ers reach agreement with K Phil Dawson (Gin)

Dawson 'thrilled' to join 49ers (Maiocco)

49ers find their kicker: Phil Dawson (Inman)

K Dawson: 'I'm so humbed they would even want me' (Inman)

Marlon Moore Signing

BASG now has the scoop on the Marlon Moore signing. He's not a very well-known commodity, but one thing is certain, he's fast. There's another great GIF in this one. Good work Steve. Moore scored a touchdown in front of fellow recent-signee, Craig Dahl. | 49ers sign Marlon Moore, a WR who scored a TD in front of Craig Dahl in 2012 (BASG)

Report: 49ers sign WR Marlon Moore (Gin)

Fresno product Moore added to WR corps (Inman)

Assorted News

The shock of the day was ESPN putting the Seahawks atop their power rankings. 49ers were ranked 2nd. Not much else to say there. | NFL power rankings: How they voted (Sando)

Well, if the experts think Seattle 'won' free agency, usually a sign of a losing team, the 49ers will win the draft! | With 14 picks, 49ers have ultimate flexibility in the draft (NBC)

The story is coming out of just how the Anquan Boldin trade happened. Was a little brotherly love involved? Who can say. I'd bet that the easiest coach for Jim to get ahold of is John. | Harbaugh calls Harbaugh, Boldin trade ensues (Maiocco)

Geez, Marvin Lewis sure is commenting a lot about a team that isn't his, right? | Bengals coach laughs off suggestion of Dan Skuta at fullback (Maiocco)

Carroll, Harbaugh hanging out like old pals (Sando)

Craig Dahl says Rams regretted knocking Alex Smith from the game (Barrows)

Update: Matt Hasselbeck no longer available, signs with Colts (Maiocco)

Santa Clara says yes, Miami says no to Super Bowl L demands (NBC)

Reid: Alex Smith goes from one QB-friendly system to another (Maiocco)

John York questions the validity of NFLPA's safety review (Maiocco)

Nnamdi Asomugha remains option as Baalke builds 49ers' roster (Maiocco)


Craig Dahl on 95.7 The Game (

Conference call: WR Marlon Moore (

Conference call: K Phil Dawson (

49 in 49: Dion Jordan (

Don't forget! Trevor Woods and I will be hosting our weekly Twitter Chat session this Friday, 2 pm. Use #Channel49 and send questions in, beginning Friday morning and we'll try to tackle as many as we can. He's the brains and I'm the...joker? Not sure. It was fun last week, should be fun this week. We've got an hour to go over the Craig Dahl and Phil Dawson signings!

Sample: What's Phil Dawson's favorite movie? #Channel49. It's that easy!

We'll take 10 questions from the session and turn them into a Q&A post going up Sunday mornings. A fun way to kill time from now until September. See you then.

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