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2013 NFL Draft: 49ers host TE Gavin Escobar

The 49ers hosted San Diego State's well-regarded tight end for dinner. Can we make any inferences?

Kent Horner

Even as the San Francisco 49ers work their way through free agency, there is still the 2013 NFL Draft to consider. Accordingly, the team's front office hosted San Diego State tight end Gavin Escobar at a dinner on Monday evening.

The team will bring in plenty of players, so this is not any sort of firm tipping of the hand. That being said, the 49ers are in need of a second tight end, and barring any changes in free agency, they will look at the position fairly early in the draft.

SB Nation released their tight end rankings earlier this month, and when compared elsewhere, they seem to point to a general consensus of Tyler Eifert up top, Zach Ertz after him and Gavin Escobar third. Our mock draft database had two tight end picks, one as Eifert and one as Ertz. We have not expanded the database to a second round at this point.

Escobar is a very talented tight end, leading San Diego State in receiving this year. He stands at 6'5'', 254 pounds. He must work on his blocking skills, but all indications confirm that he has a solid base from which to develop moving forward. Considering the 49ers strong blocking from the tight end position and the rest of the offense, he would be coming to a team with an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of great blocking.

Given the departure of Delanie Walker, tight end is a need. How high do you see the 49ers looking at the position?