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NFL rule changes: Tuck rule, running back helmet hit rule passed

We take a look at some of the new rule changes passed at the NFL owners' meetings.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL wrapped up their annual March meetings this morning, voting on and passing a variety of NFL rule changes. The most high profile changes covered the Tuck Rule, and the rule that would penalize running backs for leading with the crown of their helmet outside the tackle box. That rule change is described fairly well over at the mothership.

The Tuck Rule is officially no more as owners voted 29-1 to remove it. The Patriots and Redskins both abstained from the vote. The running back helmet rule passed 31-1. Reports are indicating the Bengals were the only team to vote against the helmet rule.

The running back rule has been the most polarizing, with current and former running backs coming out fairly strongly against it. This will be a tough one to police with players reacting in a split-second, leaving officials to make often subjective judgments about the plays. I get the general idea behind this as the NFL is trying to cover their butts and prevent future lawsuits. Unfortunately, this has resulted in some reactive rule changes. Rather than be proactive, the NFL seems to be acting without thoroughly thinking through the consequences.