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Phil Dawson, Andy Lee to form the greatest duo EVER

Phil Dawson has decided on a new number, and his reasoning is pretty awesome.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

Newly signed 49ers kicker Phil Dawson is doing everything he can to endear himself to the fan base. In his initial conference call, Dawson acknowledged he would likely have to change jersey numbers since Andy Lee sported his normal No. 4. A day later, a decision has been made, and it's kind of awesome.

There you have it. The 49ers holder/kicker tandem will combine to sport the number 49. Does it get any more awesome than that?

Dawson will also follow David Akers lead and leave the Tony Montana squad to their own dancing.

One of these days the 49ers will have a kicker that joins in the dancing fun. I have to think it's inevitable, right?