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NFC West: Bruce Arians wants us to think Drew Stanton could be his guy

We take a look at some comments Bruce Arians made about Drew Stanton as the Arizona Cardinals quarterback.

Andy Lyons

NFL head coaches love to play mind-games, and never want to give anything away if they do not have to. Keeping that in mind, Bruce Arians had an interesting comment yesterday. The Arizona Cardinals new head coach met with the media at the NFL owners' meeting and had a chance to address his quarterback situation.

New Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians says his team isn't looking for a quarterback.

"We already found one," he told reporters at the NFL owners meeting Wednesday.

While Arians hasn't officially named a starter, there's no doubt he's leaning toward Drew Stanton, the backup to Andrew Luck in Indanapolis last season.

"I have all the confidence in the world with him being our starter," Arians said.

This is not exactly a declaration that Stanton is the next Arizona Cardinals starter, but given their QB situation, it is at least a little bit entertaining to read. Of course, the rest of the world thought Jim Harbaugh was out of his mind while he was promoting Alex Smith as the next great thing. That doesn't make me think Bruce Arians is any less nutty, but it's at least something to consider.

Do the Arizona Cardinals already have a worthwhile quarterback on the roster? Will they find somebody of worth in the draft? Are they stuck for another year with mediocre quarterbacking?