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Colin Kaepernick's Muscles

How interesting are Colin's Muscles? Well, more interesting than I initially thought.


Two articles. That's a serious amount within the span of a day.

Yup, on March 22nd, I read two articles online that were about Colin Kaepernick's muscles.

It's odd, but there's actually a lot that can be said about this fact. Is it coincidental? I don't think so. Is it indicative of a masculine culture that exemplifies certain body-types in an unhealthy way? Or in a gender-questioning way? Perhaps, but that's not a topic that I feel well-equipped to take onI don't have the lingo, nor am I up on the most recent scholarship.

No, I'd like to think this has to do with the type of QB Kaepernick is.

In case you didn't realize that the first two words of this post are links to the two different articles, I'll just clue you in. Matt Maiocco recently interviewed Jim Harbaugh. In the course of said interview, Harbaugh warned Kaep about lifting too many weights. Don't hurt your agility, he seems to say.

The article I'm most interested in, though, has to do with Kaep's new endorsement deal with MusclePharm. As Nate Stuhlbarg reports, Colin has signed a deal to promote MusclePharm. Remember the last Alex Smith endorsement deal? I sure don't. After however many games, I think a national audience already sees Colin as an elite-enough guy who warrants endorsement deals. Alex was always just trying to break free from the notion that he is mediocre.

And in what way do people think of Colin as elite-enough to get an endorsement deal? Well, he's a freak of nature. Look at how fast he runs! Look at how hard he throws! He's kissing his giant muscles now! What an athlete! These are all things that we know as fans. We are familiar with him. I just think it very interesting to re-examine a player we already know through a national lens.