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49ers offseason: What would you do next?

NFL free agency has quieted down a bit, but there are still some talented players on the market. What should the 49ers do next?


The NFL offseason has quieted down a bit as we hit that modest lull between the height of free agency and the NFL Draft. The 49ers have made a few moves, but most people are not exactly bubbling over with excitement. Generally speaking, the 49ers made smart, effective moves that fill some holes and provide added depth. That doesn't make for monster headlines outside of this 49ers blog, but they can do the trick.

As the 49ers move forward, are there are any moves remaining before the NFL Draft next month? The 49ers do not have a ton of cap space, but they do have some, and they can still create some more space with potential contract extensions.

The free agency market still has some talent available at several positions of interest for the 49ers, but things are quiet for now. As it stands, what do you think the 49ers need to do next? At this point, the one guy that still intrigues me is John Abraham. He seems likely to end up in a 4-3 defensive end role, and as of now he remains unlikely to end up in San Francisco. However, that doesn't make me any less hopeful that the 49ers and Abraham could figure something out.

Adding Abraham would provide serious depth for the 49ers pass rush, likely giving Aldon Smith and Ahmad Brooks a little more rest. Furthermore, Abraham and Glenn Dorsey could potentially create some opportunities to mix in a little 4-3 with the base 3-4 and more expansive nickel package. If you can suddenly add an entirely new front for your defense, that could certainly keep opposing offensive coordinators up a little later figuring out this dynamic group.