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49ers offseason needs: Community vote No. 2

NFL free agency has quieted down, and the 49ers are likely done with their biggest signings, despite still having some holes on the roster. As we head toward the 2013 NFL Draft, we open a vote on the biggest remaining personnel needs.

Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

Shortly after the Super Bowl last month, I put together a poll to get an idea of what the community thought of the 49ers personnel needs this offseason. The poll asks for draft preferences, but the idea at the time was just to focus on offseason needs entirely. It was fairly limited since free agency had not gotten underway. Furthermore, we had not even begun to hear rumors of players leaving.

That February 7 poll finished up with the following as your top five positions of need:

1. Cornerback
2. Defensive End
3. Nose Tackle
4. Wide Receiver
5. Safety

It is not remotely surprising that cornerback was at the top of the list four days after the Super Bowl. The 49ers secondary struggled in the Super Bowl, and generally dealt with some big plays throughout the postseason. Considering Justin Smith's triceps injury, and Aldon Smith's since-reported torn labrum, the pass rush could be considered more of an issue than the defensive backs. It can often become a chicken or egg debate when considering pass rushing and pass coverage.

We are not well into free agency, and the 49ers are likely just about done with their significant moves. It is entirely possible they could decide to add Nnamdi Asomugha, or a player like John Abraham. Even with some potential smaller moves, the 49ers are more than likely just about wrapped up in free agency.

As we head toward the draft, I thought it would be helpful to reassess the 49ers personnel needs. Down below, simply rank top five needs moving forward. Do not worry about the draft wording. If you think signing Nnamdi is the top need right now, cornerback would be your top need. If drafting a defensive end is the 49ers biggest need in your view, that would be No. 1. Once you vote, let us know what you decided and why down in the comments. I'll post my top five in a little bit down in the comments.