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Golden Nuggets: Are the 49ers done in free agency?

Monday, March 25, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

I'm looking for Sarah Connor
I'm looking for Sarah Connor
Ed Szczepanski-US PRESSWIRE

Another slow news day means I'll talk about one of the pieces in more detail. BASG has done some math and it looks like the 49ers have very little to spend. There's still room to sign another player, but questions remain. What if they plan on trading up in the first round, a possibility many of the faithful have been calling for? Some are even downright expecting it to happen. Why wouldn't we just wait until after the free agency period when players who want to play this year but are without a contract see their asking prices come down? Some food for thought.

Are the 49ers done with free agency? (BASG)

And without much happening on the player front, it looks like it's the Trent Baalke edition!

49ers looking at big-bodied corners in the draft, too (Barrows)

Trent Baalke's mid-season progress report (Cohn)

49 in 49: Safety TJ McDonald (

And that's it guys. It's been a busy day, so I'll take this as a half day off. Hurray for me!

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