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San Francisco 49ers Free Agency Semi-live Blog - Rumors, Signings, and More (Week 3)

NFL free agency enters its third week, which means things have slowed to a crawl. We'll keep an eye on events around the NFL as free agency chugs along.

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The third week of NFL free agency is underway, and everything has slowed to a crawl at this point. The 49ers seem pretty close to wrapping up their free agency plans, but there are still some intriguing names on the market. Even if the 49ers sign nobody else in free agency, these players could still impact the 49ers in signing with 2013 opponents. This will serve as an open thread for free agency discussion this week. I'll keep it pinned up top for folks to discuss all the comings and goings around the NFL.

The big news over the weekend was Elvis Dumervil's decision to sign with the Baltimore Ravens. Following the fax fiasco earlier in the week, the Broncos find themselves dealing with a $5 million cap hit and no player to account for it. Dumervil does not get a huge contract, but he does get $8.5 million in guaranteed money, as opposed to the $8 million he was going to get with the Broncos.

News and rumors this past weekend included Michael Huff checking out Baltimore, and John Abraham showing up on Denver's radar. Abraham visited the 49ers a couple weeks back, but nothing ever came of that. I imagine money played into that, although playing time could also have been a factor.

One big name still on the market is Osi Umenyiora. It sounds like he is all but certain to sign with the Falcons:

SB Nation put together a list of the top remaining free agents, and there are some decent bargains still to be had. My primary wish in free agency remains the signing of John Abraham as a depth option, but I'm not holding my breath at this point. Parys Haralson likely will be the primary backup outside linebacker. I can live with that, but I think there are some better options out there.

The big news today might surround Jermichael Finley. The Packers tight end is owed a $3 million bonus if he is on the roster at 1:00 p.m. ET today. That, combined with a $4.45 million base salary in 2013 makes this a tough call for the two sides. If they are going to figure something out, let's hope it does not involve the use of a fax machine.

One free agent who may be close to signing is Terrence Newman. The one problem is he cannot seem to locate his agent: