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Aldon Smith injury: Maybe the torn labrum wasn't so bad?

49ers outside linebacker Aldon Smith had surgery for a torn labrum last month. Clues since then indicate maybe it was not as bad as labrum injuries can be.

Gregory Cortez

Earlier this month, word slipped that 49ers outside linebacker Aldon Smith had undergone surgery in late February for a torn labrum. We had little indication of the severity, although since then head coach Jim Harbaugh has said Aldon would be back in time when training camp gets going in late July.

Although it is easy to assume the worst, it would seem like the labrum tear is relatively manageable. Last month there were reports that Smith was getting involved in MMA as part of his offseason training. There were no indications of any issues at that point, which would have been right before or after Smith had his surgery.

Smith was also having a little fun playing dodgeball with some kids at the Boys & Girls Club at Hunter's Point. He was visiting the Boys & Girls Club to deliver a check based on the sacks he accumulated in 2012.

Obviously this is just a little dodgeball, but if he was dealing with serious labrum issues, he might not be quite as involved with the dodgeball. This is merely speculation on my part, so take it for what it's worth.

For now, all signs point to Aldon being good to go for the 2013 season. In the meantime, given the Dodgeball mention, we might as well throw this out there.