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Niners Nation community mock draft: Call for participants

Opening the floor for participants in the 2013 Niners Nation mock draft.


As March quickly comes to an end, NFL Pro Days are wrapping up, which means we are that much closer to the 2013 NFL Draft. In fact, we now stand 30 days away from the start of the draft.

We will be posting various scouting reports and mock drafts, but I wanted to get the community a bit more involved in the process. One such tool would be a community mock draft. We have done them in the past through FanPosts, but I want to do something on the front page that will allow a bit more analysis from the community.

If you are interested in taking part, my plan is for a two-round mock draft, although I would consider a third round if we make good time through the first two rounds. There would be NO TRADES. I realize that removes some measure of realism, but when you start making trades in a draft that is only going to be two or three rounds, I feel it makes things a bit more unrealistic. Furthermore, as with any mock draft, this is more about trying to figure out team needs rather than getting every pick correct.

If you are interested in taking part, let me know in the comments. If you have a specific team other than the 49ers for which you want to draft, include a mention of that. The draft will likely get started next week. I'd like to assign teams as soon as possible so each person has time to do some research on their given team.

Post a comment with your interest below and I will follow up via email. Here is a rundown of the draft order for the first two rounds.


1. Kansas City Chiefs
2. Jacksonville Jaguars
3. Oakland Raiders
4. Philadelphia Eagles
5. Detroit Lions
6. Cleveland Browns
7. Arizona Cardinals
8. Buffalo Bills
9. New York Jets
10. Tennessee Titans
11. San Diego Chargers
12. Miami Dolphins
13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
14. Carolina Panthers
15. New Orleans Saints
16. St. Louis Rams
17. Pittsburgh Steelers
18. Dallas Cowboys
19. New York Giants
20. Chicago Bears
21. Cincinnati Bengals
22. St. Louis Rams (from Washington Redskins)
23. Minnesota Vikings
24. Indianapolis Colts
25. Minnesota Vikings (from Seattle Seahawks)
26. Green Bay Packers
27. Houston Texans
28. Denver Broncos
29. New England Patriots
30. Atlanta Falcons
31. San Francisco 49ers
32. Baltimore Ravens


33. Jacksonville Jaguars
34. San Francisco 49ers (from Kansas City Chiefs)
35. Philadelphia Eagles
36. Detroit Lions
37. Cincinnati Bengals (from Oakland Raiders)
38. Arizona Cardinals
39. New York Jets
40. Tennessee Titans
41. Buffalo Bills
42. Miami Dolphins
43. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
44. Carolina Panthers
45. San Diego Chargers
46. St. Louis Rams
47. Dallas Cowboys
48. Pittsburgh Steelers
49. New York Giants
50. Chicago Bears
51. Washington Redskins
52. Minnesota Vikings
53. Cincinnati Bengals
54. Miami Dolphins (from Indianapolis Colts)
55. Green Bay Packers
56. Seattle Seahawks
57. Houston Texans
58. Denver Broncos
59. New England Patriots
60. Atlanta Falcons
61. San Francisco 49ers
62. Baltimore Ravens