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2013 NFL Draft: How early QB options impact the 49ers top two picks

The 49ers are in a position to do some important wheeling and dealing with their first two picks. Will they find a dance partner in need of a quarterback?


We have had plenty of discussion this offseason about potential options at the backup quarterback position. While it is entirely possible the 49ers could decide to invest a valuable pick in a quarterback, I have to think most are looking a little further down the draft board at the quarterback position.

That being said, other teams quarterback needs could impact the 49ers draft plans.

This year's QB class is not exactly inspiring, but that will not stop a team from doing what they can to get one of them. It is possible all of these quarterbacks wash out, and it is possible one or more of these quarterbacks becomes a solid pro. We all have our opinions on them, but nothing is certain at this point. Given the desperation of some teams, that glimmer of hope will be enough to sell them on a QB. They might be on the fence, but just the possibility of greatness is enough for them to make a move on draft day.

And this is where the 49ers can step in and benefit. The 49ers hold five picks in the first three rounds of the 2013 NFL Draft, but more importantly, they hold pick No. 31 at the end of the first round, and pick No. 34 at the beginning of the second round. Depending on how the quarterback position moves in the first round, the 49ers could be in a position to do some wheeling and dealing.

As it currently stands, Geno Smith is all but certain to go fairly early in the first round. Beyond that, nothing is certain. Teams that likely will consider quarterback options include the Jaguars, Raiders, Cardinals, Bills, Jets and possibly the Browns. The Jaguars have been linked to Geno Smith with their second overall pick, which would likely remove them from consideration. It remains to be seen how the Browns feel about Brandon Weeden, but their addition of Jason Campbell might push their interest down a bit.

That leaves a few intriguing prospects. If the Jaguars draft Geno Smith, could the Raiders, Cardinals, Bills or Jets be enticed into sacrificing a 2014 first round pick to move up in the second round? The 49ers best chance at a deal would likely be the Raiders, as they are the one team in that group without a second round pick in this year's draft.

The Cardinals, Bills and Jets are all picking close enough to the 49ers No. 34 pick that it might be hard to work up a market for a 2014 first. It is always possible with Trent Baalke, but I wouldn't exactly hold my breath. When the 49ers moved up nine spots in the second round of the 2011 NFL Draft to get Colin Kaepernick, they gave up that second, a fourth and a fifth.

The Raiders on the other hand already dealt their second round pick in the Carson Palmer trade. If they find sufficient value in one of the non-Geno Smith quarterbacks, maybe the 49ers can convince Reggie McKenzie to make a deal.

How do you view the QB class after Geno Smith? Is there somebody after Geno Smith that could entice a team to move up and grab him early in the second? And will Matt Flynn trade bait impact this?