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49ers offseason needs: Community vote results

Poll results for our community-based 49ers offseason needs.

Earlier this week I put together a poll to assess the 49ers top remaining needs following the first few weeks of free agency. It was not exactly a crazy period for the 49ers, but they did address several areas of concern. We now head to the draft with certain holes to fill and depth to be added.

Above you can check out some video I put together discussing the various needs, focusing on areas I think are of particular importance on the defensive side of the ball. I'll get another video on the offensive side, but at this point, adding depth on defense is the bigger issue.

We have some early results from the Monday poll and it should surprise nobody that safety is at the top. With 1,178 votes in, the safety position is running away with the top spot. Cornerback and defensive end are running second and third, but it is fairly tight between the two of them. The highlight of the voting has to be inside linebacker getting a first place vote.

If you haven't voted yet, you're more than welcome to head over and drop in a vote.