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Check out Colin Kaepernick working out at CES Performance

We take a look at some video of the workout Colin Kaepernick has been conducting with CES Performance.

One of the running "storylines" this offseason has been the workout habits of 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick. After a very short break following the Super Bowl, Kap was back at work getting ready for the 2013 season. He went down to Atlanta with some of his receivers to get work in at CES Performance. Kap worked out there prior to the 2011 NFL Draft, and he decided that was the best place to continue his preparations now that he's a pro.

The folks at CES Performance put together a brief video of Kap working out and it shows a broad range of drills and workouts. We see him pumping iron and getting in pool work, but we also see him running QB drills while attached to a giant rubber band of sorts, which is providing resistance.

Earlier this month, someone asked Jim Harbaugh about any concerns he might have that Kap could potentially gain too much muscle. There was some chatter about that, but really it was just Harbaugh answering what was essentially a leading question. Of course there is concern a player working out might gain too much muscle and lose quickness and flexibility. In watching this video, it seems like Kap is getting in a broad range of workouts. More importantly, quite a few of them seem to help develop strength as opposed to pure muscle mass.

The 49ers get back to organized workouts in a couple weeks, but for now Kap will likely continue doing his thing to get ready for 2013. It makes me just a little bit intrigued to see what he is prepared to do come training camp later this summer.