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Golden Nuggets: Michael Crabtree talks success; QB economics

Thursday, March 28, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

I, ballerina!
I, ballerina!
Al Bello

I have to do a quick edition of the Nuggets as I'm going out for a going-away dinner. It will be abrupt and poorly written. There's the disclaimer. Now, down to business.

Michael Crabtree had great things to say about the chemistry he and Colin Kaepernick developed during the second half of 2012. Let's hope the relationship continues to blossom. I'd also love to see Vernon Davis, previously our most reliable weapon in the passing game, keep that chemistry happening. First is Christian Gin with the story. | Crabtree developed a strong bond with Kaepernick

BASG follows that up with a post that, despite its sarcastic title (and tone), delves into the relationship as well. Check out Crabtree's production once Kaepernick took over. Expanded to a full season it would rank amongst the top couple receivers in the league. | Newsflash: Michael Crabtree prefers Colin Kaepernick over Alex Smith (BASG)

One thing that will really help a team exploit the salary cap is having a low cap number at the most expensive position in sports: quarterback. Guess what team has the lowest? | NFL econ: How QB resources are allocated (Sando)

A lot of people are really high on this kid. Do you really think the 49ers might trade up, with draft capital overflowing from thine cup? | Beep, beep! 49ers set up visit with speedy wideout Tavon Austin (Barrows)

Phantom phone call: 49ers QB pursuit remains a mystery (Barrows)

Why Pat White makes sense for 49ers (SF Gate)

Multiple picks give 49ers options for future drafts (NBC)

Super Bowl ticket scam suspect arrested; 49ers faithful were bilked, taunted by Ravens 'fan' (Mercury News)

Sizing up Santa Clara's Super Bowl chances in 2016 (CSN)

Nnamdi Asomugha could help defend third-down targets (Maiocco)

Renfree reunion: Harbaugh previously pursued Duke QB (Branch)

49 in 49: DT Kawann Short (

Video - The Joe Show: March Madness (

The best slot cornerbacks in the draft (Cohn)

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