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Madden 25 Cover Vote: Colin Kaepernick, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice advance to Sweet Sixteen

Colin Kaepernick, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice all advance to the sweet sixteen round. They all have tough opponents in this week's matchup.

Rick Stewart

In the second round of the Madden Cover Vote Tournament, all 49ers candidates won their matchups. Jerry Rice and Joe Montana both won by wide margins, while Colin Kaepernick edged out A.J. Green.

Colin Kaepernick 54% A.J. Green 46% 466,711 total votes
Joe Montana 78% Jerome Bettis 22% 495,739 total votes
Jerry Rice 91% Eddie George 9% 466,767 total votes

- With those victories, it sets up for some big-time showdowns in the Sweet Sixteen round of the tournament:

  • Colin Kaepernick vs. Arian Foster
  • Joe Montana vs. Dan Marino
  • Jerry Rice vs. Michael Strahan

All three Niners have a good chance at Advancing to the Elite Eight. It will be interesting to see how voting goes in the Montana vs. Marino matchup. As we all know, Joe gave Marino a little beat-down in the Super Bowl nearly thirty years ago.

Montana and Kaepernick have even tweeted, trying to get the vote out:

    Remaining Voting Schedule:

    • Sweet Sixteen: March 27-April 3
    • Elite Eight: April 3-10
    • Final Four: April 10-17
    • Finals: April 17-24

    Do you see Montana, Rice, and Kaepernick all advancing to the Elite Eight? You can help by voting here.