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Colin Kaepernick is doing some work

Colin Kaepernick sent out a tweet about his latest workout. The preparations seem to be in over-drive.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this afternoon, Colin Kaepernick sent out this tweet:

I generally try to keep a relatively even keel around here. However, given what we've seen of Kap's training, does anybody else think he is going to tear the league apart in 2013? If he is going to take his game to the next level, it will take more than physical improvement. It is great that he is looking to improve his speed and strength, but obviously he also needs to continue learning the ins and outs of being an NFL quarterback.

We have had some discussion about different QB options, and that has led to some talk about finding a veteran QB to help mentor him. Having somebody with experience makes a certain amount of sense in continuing Kaepernick's career advancement. Oh wait....

A veteran QB could make some sense if the 49ers found themselves dealing with a hurt Kaepernick. From a purely learning perspective, the 49ers already have the brain trust in place to continue his growth. Harbaugh can't come out and play if Kaepernick gets hurt, but the 49ers front office is in a position to simply look for the "best quarterback available". Whether that be Scott Tolzien, Matt Scott, Pat White (OK, maybe not) or whomever, the 49ers are in a strong position at quarterback as they move toward the 2013 season.