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Pat White visits 49ers facility, according to reports

Free agent quarterback Pat White is reportedly at the 49ers facility. What does it all mean amidst conflicting reports?

USA Today Sports

A few days ago, reports emerged that Jim Harbaugh had gotten in touch with free agent quarterback Pat White. This initial report was somewhat contradicted a couple days later when Matt Barrows reported a source indicated White had made the initial contact with Jim Harbaugh, and not the other way around. Confusion reigned and nobody knew what was going on with a situation that really was not a big deal to begin with.

Well, now we have a new step in the "Pat White Watch" (does it even count as a "Watch"?). Former CBS Sports 49ers beat writer (and current freelance writer) Kyle Bonagura tweeted out that a source indicated Pat White is at the 49ers facility and has thrown some passes with Jim Harbaugh (subsequently confirmed by Matt Maiocco).

What does it all mean? Who knows, really. I imagine Coach Harbaugh will rarely turn down an opportunity to work out a player that could improve his team. Although White may never make it back to the NFL, his experience at West Virginia, and briefly with the Dolphins likely gives Coach Harbaugh enough reason to at least work him out. Considering it doesn't cost him anything to check out what White offers, why not? Furthermore, if the 49ers did decide to bring him to training camp, there is enough roster space heading into camp, that it really would not be a big deal.

And if you're looking for other reasons why the 49ers might be interested in White, Bay Area Sports Guy had a good take that brought Russell Wilson and preparing for the Seahawks into the equation.