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This Week in Niners Nation: The Waiting Game

This Week in Niners Nation, a weekly revisiting of Niners Nation content. It was a quiet week around these parts. We didn't stop writing, but the team gave us very little to work with. We wrote anyway. Here are the results!

Sure, he's got an endorsement deal, but this is just awkward.
Sure, he's got an endorsement deal, but this is just awkward.
Tasos Katopodis

I'm doing an abbreviated version of TWiNN this week because it was a damn slow week in 49ers news. The staff busied themselves with what crumbs the team gave us. We're all getting ready to kick into high gear with draft coverage. Free agency has come to a grinding halt. There are still rumors flying around about the 49ers and certain high profile free agents, namely Nnamdi Asomugha, but we left that one alone. The good news to come out of the week was Kyle Williams' recovery. He's doing fine, and has resumed running. More on that later. I'll let the staff do what they do best...

Free Agency News

Fooch takes a look at the 49ers offseason going forward. He acknowledges the John Abraham rumors. Most of us would agree the 49ers need more pass rush, or at least more depth options in the pass rush, in case Aldon Smith or Justin Smith falls wounded again. He asks the question... | 49ers offseason: What would you do next? (Fooch)

This doesn't necessarily pertain to this year's free agency period, but free agency is the crux of the post. We give you a list of contracts that expire after 2013. Aside from Justin Smith, the list doesn't provide anyone that would be viewed as irreplaceable. After 2014, things get real interesting, real fast. | 49ers salary cap: Who walks when contract extensions come due? (Fooch)

Draft News

Trevor takes a look at Desmond Trufant. There's been recent talk of the 49ers' desire to get a cornerback in the draft. Some want a big cornerback, probably to go against Anquan Boldin in practice (that's a joke). Trufant has decent size, is versatile, but has poor tackling skills. We may have to trade up to get him. | Desmond Trufant prospect profile (Woods)

Tre makes a great case for why the 49ers should be looking at offensive linemen. "But," you say, "didn't the 49ers have the best line in the league?" Yes, they did, but we have little quality depth. Alex Boone is the backup at both tackle positions and his backup at RG, Leonard Davis, has not been resigned. I'm guessing we will draft a lineman or two. | 49ers offseason needs: Offensive tackle should be higher on the list (Tre9er)

Two prospects' names that have frequently been linked to our 49ers in the upcoming draft are Tavon Austin and Jonathan Cyprien. We would likely have to trade up for Austin, but Cyprien should be around for either of our top two picks. Guess what? Both are coming by for a visit. | 49ers to host WR Tavon Austin, S Jonathan Cyprien (Fooch)

Do you remember when you were a kid and were fascinated by ninjas? I do. My neighbors had ninja stars, or shuriken, for those in the know. We used to throw them at the fence. What we never had was a smoke bomb. A smokescreen would have gotten me out of a lot of trouble as a youth. | 49ers Tavon Austin interest: Where does the smokescreen end and the truth begin (Fooch)

Hot Topics

Colin Kaepernick is getting some attention from the marketing types. I could care less, but it'll be good for his bottom line, and maybe take the pressure off of the impending contract negotiations. That's the only positive I can see from the news that he signed a deal with MusclePharm. | Colin Kaepernick's muscles (Hanson)

Hey, did any of you check out our Twitter chat session? Did any of you check out the follow-up post? Trevor Woods and I spend an hour with our heads spinning around like pinwheels trying to answer questions ranging from "What does Jim Harbaugh smell like?" to "Will we sign Bobby Boucher as our water boy?" Check it out. | Niners Nation #Channel49 Twitter Q&A mailbag two (Woods & Malone)

Wes Hanson discusses the pros and cons of the 49ers purported interest in ex-Dolphins QB Pat White. He amazingly notes that the misconception that Colin Kaepernick is not a pocket passer based on his running ability gives fans the idea that White could be a good fit as backup while simultaneously referring to himself as a possible stupid poo-head. You don't see writing like that every day! | Signing Pat White is (probably) a mistake (Hanson)

And the best news to come out of the week is that Kyle Williams is up and running. 2013 is a contract year for the young man, and I think everyone would love to see him have a career year, both for us and for him. | Kyle Williams returns to running (Fooch)

Michael Crabtree took to the airwaves for a quick interview. He loves the Boldin signing and commented on the trust between he and Kaepernick. Did he and Alex lack trust? He wouldn't say that... | Michael Crabtree talks 49ers on NFL Total Access (Fooch)


First up in the FanPost department is Modesto Matt with his post on why the 49ers will make more picks than some would expect. A lot of people are predicting the team to package picks and move up or trade some of this year's choices for some stock in the anticipated 2014 draft. Not so fast! | Why we'll make more draft picks than many think (Modesto Matt)

Next up is EastBayNinerFan for his or her FanPost. It's not much for words, and is more of a question, but it generated a firestorm of comments. It gets a bit heated and a bit funny. Enjoy. | Realistically are any of these guys available #31? (EastBayNinerFan)

Finally comes a post that brings up a question I've seen quite a bit on the site, around the web and on Twitter. We need a quarterback and Baalke loves former first round picks. Why don't the 49ers pick up Vince Young on a one-year contract? Why don't they? | What about Vince Young? (DeathValleyCarl)

Being a Sheep

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