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Matt Flynn trade rumors: Deal to Raiders imminent, according to reports

The Seahawks are reportedly close to trading Matt Flynn to the Oakland Raiders. We break all the rumors down.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Just when things seem quiet in the NFL, somebody in the NFC West is around to shake things up. Reports from Ed Werder, Ian Rapoport and Jason LaCanfora (among many others) have the Seattle Seahawks on the verge of trading backup quarterback Matt Flynn to the Oakland Raiders. According to Rapoport, the Raiders are going to offer Carson Palmer one more shot at a pay cut, and if he declines they will pull the trigger on Flynn.

Obviously this situation is in a bit of flux, but it seems like this deal should happen. If so, it will be interesting to see what kind of pick(s) the Seahawks are able to get in exchange for Flynn. If it's not too pricey, I actually think it's worth it for the Raiders. Flynn is decently priced and for a team that is going nowhere next year, why do that with Carson Palmer?

As for Palmer, he could impact the NFC West. If he is released, you have to think Arizona will put in a call. There have been reports Palmer would rather be a backup with a contender than starter for the Raiders in 2013 since they are in fact going nowhere. I posited the 49ers as an option on Twitter, but it wasn't really all that serious. It was more just for discussion. I don't know if Arizona would be the place for him, but how much of a pay cut would he take to be a backup elsewhere?

On a mildly related QB note, never change, Cowboys. Never change.