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Golden Nuggets: Randy Moss, 49ers to part ways

Sunday, March 3, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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During my recent adventures on Twitter, I found that one of the quickest ways to start a brawl, was to imply that the 49ers didn't need the services of Randy Moss. He didn't produce very much, even for a No. 3 receiver on a run-dominated team. But to imply that we needed an upgrade would send people into a frenzy. Happily, the 49ers brass agreed with me. Not because I like feeling justified, but because they frequently don't, making me look bad in front of my friends.

So today was the day when the cat was let out of the bag. Pro Football Talk reported it first. The 49ers have alledgedly told him that they will not re-sign him. Once the report was made, he tweeted his farewell to the team, indicating that he already knew what we have found out today. We had a great year. We needed more production from the WR position and he was the one able to give it to us. It didn't happen. He also complained about his role on the team. It was fairly obvious for me that he wasn't needed, and probably wouldn't be back.

On to the news...

Randy Moss No More

Pro Football Talk gets to break the news to you. Well, I did it above, but who's counting. Moss will not be back. I don't think anyone sheds a tear and most of us would list upgrading the wide receiver position as a priority in this offseason. It's the second year in a row that we're saying this. | Niners making it clear they will not re-sign Moss (PFT)

BASG writes his farewell ode to Randy Moss. It was more fun in theory than it was in practice. His production will not be missed, though according to all, he was a valuable teammate. | Bye bye, Randy Moss (BASG)

Report: 49ers will not re-sign Moss (Gin)

Moss tweets his Dear John, er Jim, letter before likely exit in free agency (Inman)

Non-Moss News

Here's a good one about Paraag Marathe, the 49ers executive who's helped bring analytics to football. Moneyball may be the term you're more familiar with. Two peas of the same pod. And the nerds shall inherit the Earth. | Nerds revenge? Their win probability is up (Sando)

BASG has a fun piece comparing the Darrelle Revis to the 49ers situation with the Deion Sanders 1-year rental in 1994. That one helped us win a title. I'd rent anyone for a year for a title. | Comparing Darrelle Revis and 1994 Deion Sanders (BASG)

The other free agent news from yesterday was the invitation extended to Cullen Jenkins, most recently of the Eagles. He's a good, versatile veteran, though at 34, won't be making the defensive line any younger. I think we need young, fresh bodies and more rotation, not ageing free agents. | Report: Ex-Eagle Jenkins to visit 49ers on Tuesday (Barrows)

Matt Maiocco opens his mailbag and there's a question about Dashon Goldson. Monday is the dealing to apply the franchise tag, so we'll have a better idea about where we stand after that. They've had all offseason to figure this one out, so I'm guessing it's a no. | 49ers mailbag: Monday key date for Goldson (Maiocco)

The last team to win a Super Bowl the year after losing one was the 1972 Miami Dolphins. And that's when there were, like, what...8 teams in the league, including the like of the Dayton Triangles and the Buffalo All-Americans. That's an exaggeration, but it was a while ago. The last time a team one a Super Bowl with the same corps team after losing one was the 1977 Cowboys (they lost two years before). History is not on our side. Harbaalke is. | Curse of the Super Bowl loser? 49ers attempt to break 41-year drought. (Branch)

Niners looking to clear room under new cap (

Being a Sheep

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