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Randy Moss bids 49ers farewell

Randy Moss tweeted out a farewell to the 49ers on Saturday. What does it mean?

Christian Petersen

Saturday afternoon, word came out that the 49ers were making it known they did not plan on bringing back Randy Moss for the 2013 season. If there were any questions about what this meant, Randy Moss seemed to clear it up to a certain extent on Twitter Saturday evening.

This would seem to indicate a fairly amicable parting of the ways for the 49ers and Randy Moss. I suppose it wouldn't really matter too much one way or another, but it looks good for future free agents when a team parts ways with a player on amicable terms.

The 49ers now get to figure out their next move at the wide receiver position. Mario Manningham and Kyle Williams are both injured, and even if the team is confident A.J. Jenkins can take a big step forward in 2013, they still need to find some depth options.