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Chuck Pagano, defensive coaches believe read option won't be big issue once studied

Chuck Pagano had some comments about the read option during a discussion with Greg Cosell. We look at those comments in light of the 49ers offensive plans this offseason.


Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano was apparently one of several people to tell Greg Cosell that they believe the read option attack will not be a significant issue once it has been properly studied. Given the development of the read option among several mobile quarterbacks this season, it is safe to say that defensive coordinators might spend a day or two studying the read option this offseason.

While we will hear a lot from defenses and the read option, it has become almost repetitive at this point that the key remains having a quarterback who can actually pass the ball with some measure of precision. A running quarterback can do some things, but if that quarterback cannot somewhat consistently hit the broad side of a barn with his passes, defenses will eventually figure out ways to contain him.

Fortunately for the 49ers, Colin Kaepernick has shown some solid accuracy. It remains a work in progress, but given where he was for the first three years of his college career (sub-60% completion percentages), things are moving in the right direction.

And of course, we all know that the 49ers offensive attack is not something that can be described as just the read option or the pistol, or really anything. They start out of a power rushing attack, but they have shown so many wrinkles in every aspect of the offense. Teams will adjust, but Greg Roman and company will be right there adjusting as well.

As I have said plenty of times already, this offseason is critical for Colin Kaepernick's development. He took a big step forward in 2012, but facing adjusting defenses will show us what kind of step forward we can hope for in 2013. I can only begin to imagine the amount of film opposing coaching staffs will pore over between now and their matchup with the 49ers next season. The first opponent will be foremost, but every coaching staff will be looking it over.

Each 49ers game is plenty fascinating on its own merits. Add in the chess match we will see unfold over the course of the season, and it is one more reason to be excited for 2013.