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49ers new stadium: Tickets, anybody?

Would the Niners Nation community have any interest at all in getting in on a pair of season tickets at the new stadium?

A view from section 404 in the 49ers new stadium
A view from section 404 in the 49ers new stadium
49ers New Stadium site

The San Francisco 49ers will be opening the doors to their new stadium in 2014, and they have reportedly sold 75% of the seats with stadium builders' licenses. The team has been doing a solid job selling seats, but they obviously received a bit of a boost with the team's postseason run this year.

I get email updates on the stadium, and see plenty about it around the media, and it got me thinking. I don't know how well this would work out, but I was pondering the idea of having a pair of Niners Nation seats at the new stadium. When I say a pair of NN seats, basically it would be two seats the community invests in. I would likely pitch in the most, but the idea would be to get interested people pitching in for two seats.

Obviously we could not all use them, but what we would be able to do is have some sort of lottery for use of the seats. My thought was that once a person was able to use the tickets, they would be removed from the pool unless a game came up where others were unable to go.

I am still trying to figure out how best to work it out, but I at least wanted to see if people on the site would be interested in something like this. There is no commitment being made by commenting on this topic. Rather, I'd like to hear thoughts on it, and if people think it is a feasible possibility.

The 49ers list out pricing for their various seats, and right now the cheapest seats require a $2,000 stadium builders' license, plus $850 for a 2014 season ticket. That means, getting a pair of tickets would cost $5,700 initially. The SBL is a one-time fee, but obviously we would have to pay for season tickets each year. As I understand it, the price would remain flat for the first three years. I need to confirm that however.

I called the 49ers to see what was available at this lowest price point and they said section 404. The picture above shows what would be the view. I'm surprised it doesn't look a little higher up, but apparently that is the view. On the right side of the picture below, I've circled the lower part of section 404.


What do people think? Is this something people would be at all interested in getting in on? We have a variety of options. We could have a basic group of eight pairs of people (since there are eight regular season games) or even 16 where people are paired up with another member. We could also have a ton of people pitch in a few bucks and then we just have a lottery for the games.

If there is not enough interest we won't do it, but I at least wanted to get people's thoughts at this early juncture. And if you have ideas on how this could work, feel free to let me know in the comments.