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Golden Nuggets: Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 31, 2013 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of 49ers links from around the web.

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Carson Palmer attempts to blind himself rather than face another season in an Oakland Raiders uniform.
Carson Palmer attempts to blind himself rather than face another season in an Oakland Raiders uniform.
John Grieshop

Happy Easter. It's already Easter here in Australia, I'm cooking and there's no news. You know what that means, guys? Short Nuggets! Two stories I'd like to comment on are featured in the first two links.

There's a bit of a buzz around Carson Palmer. He's said he'd play for the 49ers, we need a backup quarterback and he lives in the area. Since Alex Smith was traded, I've wanted the team to get an experienced backup for Colin Kaepernick. It's not as imperative for us as for some teams, seeing as Coach Harbuagh played QB in the League for a gazillion years. But having nine more years of experience to rely on can never hurt. Plus, if there were to be an injury to young Colin, I think Palmer has a better chance of leading us to victory than Pat White. | Carson Palmer wouldn't mind joining Cardinals, 49ers (USA Today)

So Tony Romo got a big, fat contract extension from Jerry "What the hell are you thinking" Jones. Words like baffling, dumbfounding and extraordinarily, bafflingly dumbfounding come to mind. Aside from the possibility of the Cowboys being in salary cap hell for the next five years, this could affect us via Colin Kaepernick's looming extension. Hopefully, Romo fails so miserably that no agent in their right mind would ask for a similar deal. | QB contracts set market for Kaepernick (Maiocco)

Mike Sando weighs in on Kaepernick's contract situation. He notes that the 14 picks we have can be used to restock the roster with cheap, effective players to free up space for our franchise QB. | Planning for Colin Kaepernick's next deal (Sando)

I've read comments about readers being unable to read Matt Barrows' blog. It didn't affect me so I didn't care. Well now I can't read this article...and I care....I always did. I promise! We believe you now, Ajra, we always did. It looks interesting so someone should give a review in the comments. | 14 for '14: SF must look a year ahead when it comes to draft haul (Barrows)

49ers expect Kendall Hunter, Kyle Williams to be ready for camp (PFT)

VIDEO - 49 in 49: Travis Frederick (

Short and sweet. Have a great day with your families if that's what you're doing and everyone drive safe. No drinking and driving! Remember to check out our #Channel49 Twitter Mailbag due out later this morning (subject to change on Fooch's whim).

Being a Sheep

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