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2013 NFL Draft: WR Tyrone Goard draws 49ers interest, according to report

The 49ers reportedly have interest in Eastern Kentucky wide receiver Tyrone Goard. We take a look at the under-the-radar wide receiver.


Aaron Wilson of wrote up an article this morning discussing a few teams that were going to host Eastern Kentucky wide receiver Tyrone Goard. According to Wilson, Goard is scheduled to visit the Seattle Seahawks and conduct private workouts with the Indianapolis Colts and Carolina Panthers. In the middle of the article he mentioned that Goard had drawn interest from the New England Patriots and our San Francisco 49ers.

"Drawn interest" is obviously a very general phrase that can cover a vast assortment of topics. The 49ers are likely considering some wide receivers, but it could cover a vast array of options. There has been discussion about Tavon Austin, but that would likely require moving up in the first round for something that is arguably a luxury at this point.

I don't know a whole lot about Goard, so I did some research and came across some scouting reports. The folks at have the most thorough report, while CBS Sports has something fairly basic. Both view him as a project receiver with some upside. He stands at 6'3", 205 pounds, and finished his career with 100 catches for 1,842 yards and 24 touchdowns.

It seems like he could benefit from adding some weight. Additionally, playing at Eastern Kentucky meant he didn't face much NFL-caliber talent. Finally, it sounds like he can be inconsistent as a pass catcher. This all adds up to "project" status.

Here are a pair of interviews he conducted.