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Vernon Davis is opening up a Jamba Juice and appearing as honorary captain for the US Curling team

It's a slow offseason day (even with the franchise tag deadline), so why not take a look at the busy life of 49ers tight end Vernon Davis

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While today's franchise tag deadline did mark one modest bench mark in the trek through the interminable offseason, it was still an otherwise quiet day for the 49ers. We'll continue hitting up the offseason content with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind, but I thought I'd roll out some fairly random news for this afternoon.

Vernon Davis is apparently continuing his push to become a busy man in the offseason. The 49ers tight end has teamed with Jamba Juice to open up some Jamba Juice stores in Santa Clara. He is purchasing an existing store and then will open another one. He will have the option to purchase two more if demand is strong enough.

This is completely random and out of left field, but I do find it interesting to see what players are doing off the field. Vernon Davis is very clear in his pursuit of opportunities to further himself when his football career comes to an end. I wrote about his art pursuits in 2011, and he has taken that a step further by opening his own art gallery on Santana Row in San Jose.

Davis has also gotten involved in another sport. In 2010, Davis hooked up with the US curling team to be an honorary captain. He will be back again in 2014 as honorary curling captain for the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. This will make for a potentially interesting turnaround if the 49ers can get to the Super Bowl again. The opening ceremony will be held five days after the Super Bowl. If the 49ers can get to Super Bowl XLVIII and win it, Davis would likely head back to San Francisco for the victory parade a couple days later, and then quickly hop on a plane for Russia. Crazy times could be in store for the 49ers tight end.

I realize this kind of post is not everybody's cup of tea, but we'll continue to try and bring you a bit more about the off-field lives of the 49ers. As much as we track them throughout the football calendar, we really know so little about most of these guys. I think there is some value to learning a bit more about their pursuits outside of football.