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Dashon Goldson rumors: Adam Schefter does not see safety returning to 49ers

We take a quick look at Adam Schefter's tweet about Dashon Goldson from Monday evening.

Scott Halleran

Last night, after it became clear the 49ers had not franchised Dashon Goldson, Adam Schefter answered a question about the 49ers free safety.

This could be speculation, or it could be based on things he has actually heard. Whatever the case, we will have to wait and see how this plays out. A deal could get done before free agency starts next week, but I highly doubt it.

My guess is we start to hear some more specific rumors about other possible destinations. The only rumor thus far centered around the Bills. A lot of reports over the last couple years have centered around the idea that Goldson wants "Eric Weddle-type money", which puts it in the $8 million range.

If that $8 million number isn't there, I still don't know if I see the 49ers bringing back The Hawk. They can't re-sign every single player on their team. If they think there are a couple good options in the draft, does that remove the possibility of even re-signing Goldson at something in the $6 million to $7 million range?

The 49ers reportedly offered him $5 million a year back in 2011 before he decided to test the market. He ended up coming back on a one year deal, so it's hard to tell if that $5 million number was actually offered. It makes all of this a little more confusing to figure out.