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Dashon Goldson rumors: 49ers safety would be interested in Bengals

We take a look at the latest comment surrounding Dashon Goldson's free agency status.

John David Mercer-USA TODAY Spor

Dashon Goldson made an appearance on SiriusXM NFL radio and he was asked about the Cincinnati Bengals as a potential destination:

Over the next week, we are going to hear a lot of things like this. It is not so much as a rumor or "scuttlebutt", so much as just another way to get chatter going. There is no word if the Bengals are interested, just like we don't know if anybody on the Bills other than Stevie Johnson is interested in having Dashon Goldson on the roster.

I bring it up simply because it helps us put some teams on our radar. The NFL has added a "tamper-free" period from March 9-11 in which teams can speak with other teams' unrestricted free agents. This happened previously, but it was technically against the rules. I imagine tampering is already happening, but it makes sense for the NFL to try and open it up a bit more. It will turn March 12 into a bit more of a national signing day type of experience, which means more ratings for NFL Network!

At this point, even though these are just a few comments, I would be rather surprised to see Dashon Goldson back in San Francisco in 2013. Even if Goldson does not find the kind of deals he is hoping for, I don't think the 49ers are prepared to bring him back. I think they will look for less expensive options, particularly someone from a fairly strong class of rookie safeties. When you can bring a guy in at wholesale (to quote Paraag Marathe) with the current rookie wage scale, it is not a surprising development.